Tuesday 28th June 2022

FazzKlean Mask Case

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Plastic PE, with printed sticker, sticker can OEM




Brand: FazzKlean
Product Type: Mask storage
Texture: PE plastic
Taste: NIL
Feature: Protect your mask from infected surface, dustproof, keep hygiene, face mask storage that keep your mask away from contamination, easy to keep your mask in your handbag, on the table, or anywhere when you need to open your mask for a while, and this mask case will keep it safe, more organize & elegant
Country of Origin: Malaysia

Why we need to use?

  • Use the elegant and safe FazzKlean Mask Case to help you avoid the ill effects of sniffing dirt and bacteria effects from placing the mask everywhere such as on a table, under the chin or anywhere that does not sanitize.
  • Take good care of yourself in this Covid19 pandemic season

Many will even buy a easy refill sanitizergel hands sanitizer,  a combo set of Halal sanitizer and mask case , Halal Hand Sanitizer Spray,  beauty and small mask case or Halal hand sanitizer for kids from here or our shopee shop and our facebook.

Stay safe anywhere, everywhere with FazzKlean♥


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